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We build disruptive services that help customers improve efficiency to reduce their costs and environmental impact. Our organization is passionate about excellence so we can achieve our global goal of becoming the Africa’s largest connector of non-powered assets

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INTREX Telematics Systems AG (Pty) Ltd.

INTREX Telematics Systems AG (Pty) Ltd. a bona fide BEE registered entity  our company offers intelligent telematics solutions for digitization in logistics and proven tested unique solutions that provide an enhanced real-time operational capabilities in integrity monitoring a self-powered solutions security and safety of national critical infrastructure in the transport sectors…

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ITSS Standard interface connecting

INTREX & SAVVY also support the ITSS standard interface connecting server-side telematics application (regardless of the manufacturer) with the end clients IT environment.

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Power Transition & INTREX 

Power Transition & INTREX Telematics are looking forward to collaborating in two key areas, the development and application of Power Transition’s platform for grid management at municipality level in Southern Africa and co-development of DLT integration into the INTREX Telematics solution for the automotive sector.

        We believe that the integration and interoperability of Power Transition’s DLT Platform with INTREX Telematics Systems is key to our success. Once accomplished we can plug it into anything and start exchanging information and value as well as issuing commands with guaranteed certainly, trust and security.

4 Step Approach to Development and Execution: 

  • DLT/Telematics integration: As an initial step Power Transition will embedding its DLT node processor into INTREX Telematics Systems. Once that is achieved several benefits will be immediately available:
    1. Addition of state-of-the-art Cyber security to all Telematics data exchanges
    2. Value exchange as well as data/information exchange: Creation of secure digital asset value (crypto-wallet) within every unit
    3. High performance real-time updates
    4. Immutable audit trails for all transactions


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