CargoTrac is a stand-alone telematic device with a running life of up to 15 years. Its high tech electronics set the standard not only for localization and communication but also as regards reliability and energy efficiency..

The device is optimized for quick installation on rail cars and containers and does not need any external antennae. Concealed installation or installation in vehicle interiors is trouble-free. The superior location technology uses GPS and GLONASS satellite signals and, where conditions are very unfavourable, GSM cell localizing to determine positions.

The FleetTrac device communicates with the Synergy portal through an encrypted link. In addition, data communication authentication and integrity checks ensure your operating data are always secure.

Areas Of Application

Wagon management support

Logging freight wagon performance and operational life

Temperature-controlled transport surveillance

Access surveillance for security transports


Container and freight wagon turnaround optimization

Yard management

Shock and flat spot detection

Automatic stock control

Your Advantages

Accurate and robust location thanks to GPS, GLONASS and GSM positioning

Worldwide applications with 2G and 3G communication

Easy, concealed installation

No external antennae

Robust and monolithic construction for toughest wear and tear

Encrypted data communication