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Company Background

Founded in 2016 by Mr Mthokozisi Ephraim Shezi- a founder of the popular INTREX Telematics Systems AD (Pty) Ltd, a bona fide BEE registered entity. Our company offers proven Intelligent Telematics solutions which have undergone rigorous performance and stress testing regimes to ensure resilience, uptime and optimization of applications across the digitization space. This  has been applied  across various sectors in Transportation (Rail Road, Sea and Air) and the Logistics operations in which it has enhanced real-time operational capabilities and benefits in Asset Tracking, Integrity/Condition monitoring, Safety and Security and the remote monitoring critical national infrastructure. In the transport sectors especially the Rail sector our solutions have been used for the following applications:

  • Freight wagon tracking,
  • Rail and Fleet track monitoring,
  • Monitoring signaling points,
  • Condition monitoring of communication and power links,
  • Refrigerated container temperature control and monitoring,
  • Perimeter security applications.

In other instances our solutions have been deployed in the Mining and Power sectors as well as private commercial Real Estates and Campuses where they have added bottom line value to asset owners through improved Reporting, enhancing Efficiencies and Optimization whilst securing the assets from a Security point of view.

INTREX is a complementary Business Unit pushing the boundaries of industrial (IoT) and (M2M), ITSS_Standard_Specification_Interface1, we build disruptive services that help customers improve efficiency to reduce their costs and environmental impact. Our organization is passionate about excellence so we can achieve our global goal of becoming the Africa’s largest connector of non-powered assets.

About Us

ITSS Standard Interface Connecting

INTREX  also support the ITSS standard interface connecting server-side telematics application (regardless of the manufacturer as we are product undiagnostic) with the end clients IT environment. This always makes vendor independent data exchange possible. Software that consolidates different telematics manufactures is a thing of the past. Welcome to Digitalization 4.0 and new-found independence.

We have long standing strategic partnership with Telematics a Schaffhausen, Switzerland based company that offers intelligent telematics solutions for digitization in logistics in the world…

“To our knowledge no other Facilities Management Company in South Africa can claim equivalent or higher accreditation. We have been quite successful in Human Factors for Transport Investigation and notably in transport safety systems relevant Accomplishment, and did not get enough chance to show our abilities”

About Us

Vast South African Energy Market

INTREX Telematics Systems AD (Pty) Ltd and Power Transition Ltd are delighted to announce that they have started collaborative discussions covering an initial technical proof of concept phase which we believe will lead to the local adoption of their proprietary Power Transition’s Grid-Microgrid Energy Management System into the South African Energy Market and beyond. Power Transition’s product is built on the Hedera Hashgraph DLT-Blockchain network and has many key features needed by the Energy Sector, right out of the box. This strategic partnership has focused its proof concept with one of the major South African Municipalities, addressing their local grid balancing challenges, cybersecurity, revenue collections, line tapping and accountability.


The net effect of a Hashgraph DLT platform roll out is it will enhance overall operational efficiency addressing the uptime issues of the Municipality resulting in an unexpected savings potentially in millions of dollars annually whilst improving revenue collections. The downstream cost benefits will not only benefit the Utility and Municipalities

bottom-line but, residential and commercial customers as well in that they will now only pay for the power they consume.