Rail Freight Transport


Rail Freight Transport

There are many different demanding requirements pertaining to goods wagon operation and maintenance. Monitoring consignment progress in international traffic, adherence to safety and maintenance regulations or maximizing wagon availability are severe challenges.

Intrex Telematics Systems offers a comprehensive, modular management system consisting of mobile telematic devices for data capture and Internet-based back-end software to optimize all relevant processes.

The telematic devices have been especially developed for demanding rail road operations, enable more than ten years of autonomous, maintenance-free operation and can be mounted externally or in the wagon interior without any problems.

The Intrex system solution for rail comprises the following components:

Recording operating performance

Precisely recording operating performance meets both statutory obligations and enables efficient fleet management. Individual wagons can be deployed optimally and depending on their use, dispatched for maintenance at the right time.

Shock detection

Damage to rails, defective buffers or inappropriate handling of goods wagons leads to damage to the rolling stock and transport goods. The three-axis shock detection records all relevant events indicating time and position, making it possible to draw conclusions about probable causes.

Tracking & Tracing

Information concerning shipment progress or the exact location in international single wagon load transport is often outdated or otherwise unreliable. Intrex CargoTrac provides all important information in real time. If a transport deviates from its target or remains at a location en route too long, the responsible dispatcher is notified immediately. The wagon overview permits efficient re-dispatch after a consignment has been concluded and turnaround times can be considerably reduced.

Automatic stock control

The automatic stock control provides a daily updated overview of the stock of various wagon types in the relevant locations and workshops. In addition to transparent reports, further useful data such as wagon stopping times, residual operational life, etc. can be provided.

Fleet management

Short maintenance times and optimized dispatch lead to higher wagon availability. Our fleet management solution enables exact maintenance planning on the basis of the effective operating performance of the wagon’s current location. The system also generates statistics on the actual time a wagon spends in maintenance or wagon turnaround. Drawing on this data allows customers to optimize processes to have more wagons at their disposal.

Refrigerator wagon management

The Intrex FleetTrac telematic device monitors up to 3 temperature zones, loading bay door, diesel fill levels and generator battery voltage. This guarantees uninterrupted temperature data records, making damage due to inadequate refrigeration a thing of the past.


Recording operational performance and life

Shock detection

Tracking & Tracing

Automatic stock control

Fleet management

Flat spot detection

Refrigerated wagon management

Your Advantages

Meets all railway norms

Europe-wide area of deployment

Simple assembly

Rapid amortization both for railway wagon owners and operators

Investment security thanks to modular solutions

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