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Fleet Management For road Vehicles

No matter whether you are dealing with procurement, operation, transport planning, service and maintenance or taxes and insurance issues, efficient fleet management has to comprise a number of processes in order to add value to your business in the best possible way.

Intrex® system solutions record all the relevant operating data and provide them in real-time. Intrex Synergy Portal’s business intelligence technology makes it possible to analyse the data – if necessary ad hoc and in accordance with a company’s specific needs. This means Intrex® allows for maximum process transparency, so fleet managers can recognize optimisation potentials and use them efficiently.

The Intrex® solution increases fleet management process productivity and pays off, usually within 12 months, because it is easy integrate and operate. Use it for anything from continuous worldwide fleet monitoring to enable flexible tour planning to efficient maintenance management to legal certificates, eco drive evaluations or detailed performance indicator analyses. Intrex®  system solutions, consisting of high-tech telematic devices and intelligent software can be scaled to meet any specific need and make it possible to reduce costs immediately.

Intrex system solutions include the following components:

Worldwide tracking & tracing

Intrex® uses GPS, GLONASS and international roaming, so fleet managers consistently obtain cur-rent data for their vehicles and/or the entire fleet and can follow the respective routes. The sys-tem can also be used to authorise individual drivers. With current scheduling, vehicle and driver data, the central office can always keep abreast of transport progress and can plan routes better. Thanks to the web-based Intrex Synergy Portal, all of the necessary Information is immediately available to enable flexible responses to change and good decisions.

Fleet/ Vehicle management

Cost efficient fleet use requires that vehicles are used at optimal capacity. Solution records driving performance and service data continuously and in fully automated fashion, provides the data in a clear and concise form and, through an exact analysis, provides all of the information to fully meet maintenance and inspection needs, including perfect scheduling. The system automatically sends a warning if service intervals are exceeded and provides maintenance staff with an exact overview of the condition of the vehicles in advance.


Clear reports enable efficient controlling. User-specific dashboards provide all of the information necessary for safe and sustainable business decisions. Not only is it possible to put together indicators and target-performance comparisons for vehicles, vehicle groups, locations, orders or drivers at the touch of a button, forecasts concerning strategic and operative objectives can be made as required.


Via the CAN-Bus, Intrex® records all driving behaviour data. The evaluations with respect to drivers, vehicles or department can be provided in real-time and can be used to sustainably improve driv-ing behaviour throughout the company. This is not only a way to preserve the environment and reduce emmissions but also to considerably reduce both fuel costs, and wear and tear.

Compliance and legal requirements

Complete, audit-proof logbooks for correct proofs for the tax office or automated tachography data downloads to comply with legal requirements. The Intrex® solution ensures safe and efficient fleet management that complies with company and legal requirements. Without any organisa-tional effort, data can be dowloaded remotely from driver cards and mass storage devices and stored in an archive with established tools and then analysed as needed. Statutory driving and rest periods, working time regulations or internal agreements can be managed cost effectively and monitored in real-time.


Automatic operating data acquisition

Driver identification and user authorisation

Service and maintenance management

Remote download of digital tachograph

Fuel management


Business intelligence evaluations for all fleet management processes

Fleet management

Your Advantages

Productivity increases through perfectly timed maintenance and service

Full cost control throughout

Reduced: fuel consumption, and wear and tear

Significant cost reduction because of less administrative work

Transparent controlling based on KPIs

Optimum capacity utilization and availability

Compliance with legal requirements

Total cost saving through process optimization

Reduced CO2 emissions

Suitable Devices