Engineering & Services


Engineering & Services

This means you do not have to make any compromises in implementing your optimization projects; we adjust our systems to fully meet your requirements. Within a very short span of time and based on a comprehensive library of standard solutions, many years of experience in the business and with the aid of state-of-the-art business logic configurators, we develop a solution for you.

The result is a product that is seamlessly integrated into your system landscape, both at the vehicle/machine and information system level.

Our services comprise the following areas:


To fully meet customer requirements, we supply hardware and software interfaces that can be configured as needed. This permits seamless integration into the customer infrastructure. To achieve efficient work flows and hence optimal outcomes, we use intelligent process design that covers all roles, functions and resources including compliance.


Availability and trouble-free operation are key to high productivity. This is why our responsibility does not end at implementation: we offer customer-oriented support packages that address issues such as secure hosting, efficient maintenance and repair, and professional incident and configuration management. Of course we guarantees our partners and customers a single point of contact to ensure consistent customer service.

Information processing

Our business intelligence software enables optimal preparation and reporting of the data captured in the telematic devices. The information generated from the data are key to optimizing customer processes. Information processing is role-specific, e.g., for fleet managers, dispatchers or commercial managers and provided in transparent reports.


Telematic systems can contribute considerably to optimizing business processes. Using proven methods in order to identify optimization potentials, we help our customers define the relevant KPIs and analyse the existing processes. To enable customers to plan and monitor profitability, we conduct break-even analyses – a yardstick you are welcome to also use to measure us by.

Our Procedure

Our customer projects vary widely depending on the area of operations, business sector and scope. For this reason, the following project approach has stood the test of time:

Process analysis and identification of optimization potentials

Target process design and simulation

Cost-benefit or break-even calculation

Definition of user roles and authorizations

Target process design and simulation

Design of the Savvy solution with hardware, portal, reporting, communication and services

User training

System and integration test

Solution roll-out and acceptance by customer